Commitment to taste

Carefully selected ingredients

Ingredients are carefully inspected at both the production plant and the laboratory.
We use only the finest raw milk.

At our production plants, raw milk delivered from farms is tested for fat and nonfat milk solids by a milk composition inspection, total bacteria count by a sanitary inspection, and flavor by a sensory inspection. Only raw milk that passes all of these tests is accepted for use in our products.
In addition to these inspections, the raw milk used to make the Meiji Oishii Gyunyu series is also inspected and analyzed regularly in our laboratories to ensure that only the best raw milk is used.

Production method

Production method dedicated to
the natural delicious taste of
fresh raw milk

Production method developed to deliver the taste of fresh raw milk. Removing oxygen from raw milk to improve the flavor of milk, this process ensures the natural refreshing aroma, subtle sweetness, and mild richness of raw milk just as it is, with a crisp aftertaste.

Patented natural taste production method. Patent No. 5008081, Patent No. 5259850

The Meiji Oishii Gyunyu series is produced using the natural taste production method, which removes oxygen from raw milk immediately after it is delivered to the plant and prior to heat pasteurization, during which oxidation tends to occur, to minimize changes in flavor.

natural taste production method animation

Guaranteed deliciousness

Our products are thoroughly
inspected before shipping.
Guaranteed deliciousness.

To deliver the guaranteed deliciousness of the Meiji Oishii Gyunyu series steadily to customers, quality checks are continued right up to the time of shipment. Prior to shipment from the factory, a specialist panel of sensory inspectors, who can distinguish the natural fresh flavor of raw milk, checks the flavor of products.

Meiji’s freshness packaging keeps
the freshness and flavor of the product
intact by preventing contact with air!

The 900 ml and 450 ml products are packaged in Meiji’s freshness packaging, which prevents contact with air and has excellent light shielding performance to preserve the delicious flavor of fresh raw milk. The container has a cap to retain the fresh aroma even after opening.

package illust
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